Fort and Palaces

The Forts and Palaces in Gujarat have an impressive architectural monuments and the historical background. Hindu, Islamic and European architecture is the grace of the ancient forts in Gujarat. The Forts and monuments speak of the grandeurs of Gujarat as they exhibit the historical, cultural and traditional artifact. The famous ‘Bhadra Fort’ in Ahmedabad is a symbol of historical significance and belong to medieval era. Built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1411, the fort is named after ‘Bhadra’, Hindu goddess and incarnation of ‘Kali’ worshipped by many Hindus. Visited by Tourists from all over the world, the Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaja is one of the most ancient fort with intricate designs and latticed windows attracts tourists from all over. The arches of the Bhadra Fort have excellent inscriptions carved on them. The Teen Darwaja (Triple Gate) use to be a royal entrance during the medival period to enter to the Bhadra Fort.